The journey’s already begun

Posted: 14 April 2010 in Travel Tidbits

and where have you been?

I love to travel. More than almost anything I can think of. There’s something liberating about walking in a strange new place, free from conventional ties, and with a new understanding of home. I like to think I am well-traveled from the places I have gone, but I have so much more to explore. As my uncle said, I seem to be on my way to the 100-country club. I don’t know if there’s an official membership. But, I still have about eighty-five more to go, so I shall worry about that detail at a later date. For now, I am starting to write about my many adventures. There will be some reflection on the places I have been, because who doesn’t love a good story; there will be much talk about the place I am at; and mostly I look forward to planning my trips to come. So for now, here is my TRAVEL TIP #1: Choose wisely, your travel companion.

If you love to travel, or even moderately enjoy it, then you know it is much better appreciated when the person next to you is agreeable. Take into consideration the type of trip you want. Is it A) A city trip. Glitz, glamor, museums, famous landmarks, great food, and copious amounts of alcohol. B) A tropical trip. Lounging by the pool, the beach, the sauna; soaking in the sun, drinking your martini, and utterly escaping the world. OR C) A wilderness adventure. Mountains, rivers, hiking, exploring, daring, and many furry woodland creatures. ? Well, if you chose A, and your travel buddy did not. . . you are off to your first problem. How much can you compromise, and what will you compromise? Some people like to take leisurely vacations. Some people like to see as much as possible. Others just want to get into the great outdoors. If you can manage to find something that fits all of those needs, like a trip to Sao Paolo, which has the beaches, the city, and the amazon. Maybe you can make it work. Just consider: What is it you would really love to do? That’s what you need to do. Now find someone who loves it more.

Voyage on.



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