Brooklyn? What’s that?

Posted: 17 April 2010 in New York City

Even though I’m considered bridge and tunnel, I don’t go through every tunnel and across every bridge. I have been perfectly content with my days and nights spent in Manhattan and at home in Astoria. My work seemed to have different plans. It wanted to take me to new places. It brought me to Brooklyn. Williamsburg, actually. My first trip to Williamsburg happened a couple weeks ago. We were filming Rescue Me at the Lucky Dog bar. The atmosphere reeked of dive bar, with the clearly over spilled beer, and the shuffle board and ping-pong. The outdoor patio was so warm and sunny that day, it made for the perfect relaxation between takes. The streets of Williamsburg are quaint and vibrant. Lots of hipsters, dogs, and plenty of food. It looked like a foodie’s paradise. As luck would have it, I found myself back in Williamsburg today. This time around I was in the less affluent area. Much closer to the freeway overpass, and landmarks that are easily forgettable. The local digs did look like something out of an Andy Warhall get together, and thankfully an ideal place to film. We scooted ourselves around the corner, somewhere on Grand, between Havemeyer and Roebling, to discover Caracas. Not entirely an out of the way find, as it is a small chain, but it still boasts some great Venezuelan cuisine. I had fried plantains with avocado and cheese in an arepa. Arepas are like  pita bread mixed with a Norwegian pancake. Flaky and delicious. The cocktails weren’t bad. Hardly worth $9. I had the Rum Manhattan. It tasted kind of like bourbon. I think the flavor came out of the bay leaves that I kept accidentally sipping up. I highly recommend making a stop at this restaraunt next time you run away to Brooklyn, or perhaps find its Manhattan cousin. But do yourself a favor, and stick to beer.

Voyage On


Caracas Arepas Bar – 291 Grand St, Williamsburg, South Side

Lucky Dog – 303 Bedford, between Grand & 1st. Dog friendly.


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