Finally a decent doughnut!

Posted: 19 April 2010 in New York City

What I have come to realize about New York city, is that yes they have good bagels and good pizza, but they also have a lot of crap bagels and a lot of craptacular pizza. When you find those amazing places, like Astoria pizza on 30 Av and 33st, you just have to hold onto them, and hope they don’t burn the crust. To that extent I have finally found a halfway decent doughnut. Let’s face it, Dunkin’ ain’t gonna cut it. They just simply don’t cook the dough properly. I came across the Peter Pan bakery and cafe, in Greenpoint Brooklyn, which had a rather delightful chocolate raised doughnut. It was quite tasty, with light fluffy dough, and chocolate icing on top that tasted almost like real chocolate. I was very impressed. It’s at 727 Manhattan Ave, just off the G-Train at Nassau. If you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods. I highly recommend a peekaboo.

Greenpoint is an interesting little area. They have a rather large park, and what seem to be high rises moving in. When I say high though, I mean about ten stories. They look clean and dandy, almost to California standards. Let’s face it. You can find a much nicer apartment in California for the same amount of money. I don’t know why. That’s just how it is. New York tends to be a little behind the times. Some people call it character. I call it poverty. To each their own.

Another day awaits.

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