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Making it happen!

Posted: 10 May 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m making a movie! It’s going to be great! I just know it. It’ll be hard. It already is hard. I’m at the securing my music stage… a few minor setbacks. Hopefully, this is only a slight hitch.


Manhattan sleeper towns have to be the best thing. Especially when the city is really wearing you out. There’s nothing like a forty-five minute train ride, to a quaint little town, to bring peace of mind and calm to your busy New York life. I recommend Westfield. It’s cute, with restaurants, shopping, and a little movie theatre. It also doesn’t hurt that I have family to stay with. If you don’t have family outside the city, you should adopt some. Or better yet, plan a trip. Think of something close. If it is close enough to get a $15 round trip train ride, then you can spend all your extra cash on a nice hotel. Maybe down by the seaside, or up in the woods. When you visit Westchester county, it isn’t too far to a fairly wooded area. Watchung in New Jersey, also has a state park that is rather pleasant to take a stroll through. If you are an outdoorsy person like I am, than it is essential to find these out of the way places to run to. For seaside adventure, try New London, Connecticut. It is maybe two hours up the coast, and a great picture of classic New England. It’s a seaside town, with really old, beautiful churches and cathedrals everywhere. You could go on a tour of just churches and fill the whole weekend. There are great little eats off the main road; nice sit-down coffee without the Starbucks’ emblem. And you could even catch a traveling show as it comes through town.

I can understand why people choose to live out here and commute into the city. It brings a daily rest to freshen you up for the morning. But, alas. Even the least expensive rentals would cost more than staying in Queens. Always the compromise. But at least I have my escape. My open sky… mostly. and my fresh air… partially. O.K… well it isn’t Montana, but it’s maybe a little slice of the Big Sky Pie.