When disneyland freezes over!

Posted: 25 October 2010 in Europe, Sweden

Stockholm’s number one must do!

I’ve seen a million and one photos of the Icebar. Icebar Vegas, Icebar London, and most important the Absolut Icebar Stockholm! Who wouldn’t want to party in 27 degrees Fahrenheit? The reason I compare it to Disneyland is because it brings happiness and also opperates like a ride. You have an appointment, or if you’re daring, just wing it at the end of the night. You sit in the waiting area, until they come out to give you your overly thick poncho with built in gloves. Don’t worry about bringing a coat, the ponchos are plenty warm. Then they shuffle you and about twenty-five of your closest friends into an icy wonderland. The bars are ice, the walls are ice, your glasses are also ice. There are plenty of fun places to take a photo with and everyone seems exceedingly talkative. Guess the cold makes you chatty.

Your first drink is included in the cover charge, and while they may offer refills for $15, you wont have time. Believe it or not, you only get about a forty-five minutes to explore the wonderland of ice. If you absolutely feel the need to live an icy existance just a bit longer, than by all means venture to the world famous Ice Hotel in northern Sweden. For most of us, less than an hour is sufficient. It’s more of an experience than a hang out. And it certainly worth it. If you happen to be staying at the Nordic Sea Hotel, you can usually get a discount or free ticket included with your hotel visit. Saves you at least $30 per person. And rest assured, all the Icebar and hotel staff speak English.


The Icebar is located in the Nordic Sea Hotel, right next to the central train station; I recommend making an appointment one day in advance. Visit: http://www.nordicseahotel.se; Tel: +46 8 50 56 30 00; Vasaplan 4 Stockholm.


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