“Get On Tapas” Stockholm!

Posted: 8 December 2010 in Europe, Sweden

Although famed for its meatballs, Sweden, like most modern countries, boasts far more options of cuisine in its capitol city of Stockholm. And to our great surprise we happened upon one of its best: Tabac!

Tabac is a Spanish Tapas bar in the heart of Gamla Stan (Old Town). Situated at the south end of the restaurant laden main street, it easy to find and easy to get to. Stockholm is notorious for its high-priced drinks and food, but this restaurant has premium dishes without breaking the bank. The key is in the tapas! Each one is delectable, and two can suffice as entire meal! I would even venture to say that three could pass for two people. For my veggie friends, I hope you like cheese. The grilled chêvre with pine nuts and honey is to die for! So are the fried artichoke with zesty aioli dip. Also try the steamed asparagus, or the fried mozarella!  If you have a hankering for meat, the jambon y machenga is sensational! Or at least so my sister has said. But nothing truly compares to the delectable Sangria! I don’t know how they do it, but it is amazing! They start with Spanish wine, which is clearly a good start, and add a typical amount of rum and other alcohols, throw in a lot of fruit, and season it with grenadine! Yes, grenadine. Their signature mixture is rich and thick, almost like a bloody mary. Its not icy and watery, which occurs so often in this part of the world.

We must have visited this place every night! So, if you are in the mood for some fantastic food, check out Tabac of Stockholm. You wont regret it.

Café Tabac

Stora Nygatan 46 – 11127 STOCKHOLM

Number (Whilst in Sweden): 08-101534


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