Standing room is for kids!

Posted: 13 December 2010 in Europe, Sweden

I love hockey. I really do. I used to root against the Rangers, but since MSG is the only hockey-playing-channel I have, they eventually grew on me. So clearly when I head to Sweden and run into hockey fans, it becomes apparent that I need to make my way to a game. It just so happened there was a game to see in Stockholm our second weekend there. I’m used to sporting events costing a pretty penny, but these tickets were only $30! And they were prime location. Granted the arena is a lil smaller than Madison Square Garden, but that’s ok.

So here’s where it gets interesting. When I went to buy the tickets there was a section called “Active Seating.” It is designed for young, really excited fans, who want to stand, cheer, and sing, for three straight hours! Not kidding. We decided sitting down was ok for us. The little people (children) could stand in our spirit. They also warned non-fans, or people who supported the other team, should avoid this section. Now… knowing what happens at Raider’s games, I was convinced if we were found out as newbies to this game, we would probably get stabbed. Then I remembered, it’s Sweden so I’d probably be ok or at least end up with a small hospital tab.

Getting to the event was a task. Only because up to this point we had not taken the subway. The subway takes a minute to figure out. But we left with plenty of time, and we only circled the station for about ten minutes. Once we got on the train, it took all of ten minutes and we had arrived. Needless to say, getting home was cake. Once at the game, before they opened the arena doors, you could get souvenirs and hang at the bar. You know, the usual stuff. And the bar was actually pretty nice. It even came with bouncers. We weren’t entirely sure why they had bouncers… my mind wandered back to stabbings.

Now when they say that you’ll end up standing in the active seating for the entire game. They aren’t kidding. No, no, they stand. They sing too. There seems to be a fight song for every kind of play. There is also a cover of all major pop songs to be used as creative fight songs as well. All in all, it was kind of awesome. It’s certainly an experience. So when you go Stockholm, you should definitely keep a hockey game high on the list. Did I mention kids are free?


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