50 states of being. The first: Delaware.

Posted: 16 February 2011 in Mid Atlantic, The States

The reason I chose “State of Being” as my title is because Delaware had a very particular feeling. It’s kind of like a nice Ocean breeze. It’s a great place to take a walk. I walked for miles. I walked to the store (like I often do), I found my way downtown (which was a little sketchy…). Regardless, Delaware is worth a stroll. I was in Wilmington. Certainly commutable distance to Philadelphia, New York, D.C., and Baltimore, it is not a city to be slighted. It is a comfortable place to live. The homes are nice, the people are friendly, and it’s refreshing. You can feel the hubbub of the city, while not being stressed and burdened by the things you ought to do. You can take the time to get your nails done or visit the library. They also have great hibachi, if you are in the mood for Japanese food. You could stop by the Delaware Theatre Company or some of their historic landmarks. Though technically a mid-Atlantic state, it is very similar to New England. Old brick buildings, lots of history in the streets. It is after all the very first state. That makes for a killer bumper sticker.


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