Canada: Great hospitality and… tea?

Posted: 25 February 2011 in Uncategorized

If New Brunswick isn’t high on your list of places to visit, maybe it should be. A likely spot on any New England/Canadian cruise, or perhaps a drivethru spot on your way to Nova Scotia, there’s something I will always stop for: Tea. Yes, tea. I may be biased, because I love tea in general, but Saint John, NB, is home to The Infusion Tea Company. Infusion introduced me to Irish Breakfast Green Tea. Yes, it is green and Irish breakfast all at the same time. Absolutely delicious! It’s loose-leaf as well, which just makes me feel extra posh. It’s also where I first came across the half-size french press. It makes tea consumption a little too fun. The staff is very friendly, they’ll even teach you that tea should be steeped between 4-7 minutes, and you should never hit your bag on the rim of the cup–that makes the tea more bitter.

Saint John is also home to some excellent eats, drinks, and people who are so friendly they stop you on the street to say hello. Enjoy!

Infusion Tea Room: 41 Charlotte Street, Saint John, New Brunswick


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