50 States of History. The fifth: Connecticut

Posted: 3 March 2011 in New England, The States

For those of us who grew up west of the Mississippi, we are missing out on something essential: History. Yes we have missions, and stories of gold rush. But have you seen a Southern Califonia mall not made of terracotta or stucco? The Eastern Seaboard seems to hold onto the traditional look and history more aptly. And some of the buildings are much older than we realize. It has beautiful brick buildings, old churches, and our American history laid out in the streets. Places like Williamsburg, VA, go into great detail to bring to life colonial times. If you happen to be a New York denzien, and feel like getting a fresh dose of New England heritage try New London, Connecticut. It is maybe two hours up the coast by train, and a great picture of classic New England. It’s a seaside town, with really old, beautiful churches and cathedrals everywhere. You could go on a tour of just churches and fill the whole weekend. There are great little eats off the main road; nice sit-down coffee without the Starbucks’ emblem. It is the perfect place to just have a light and easy vacation. It’s a seaport town that is welcoming and cozy. You could even catch a traveling show as it comes through town.

Here are some spots to consider:

Muddy Water’s Cafe, 42 Bank Street. Great veggie options, along with the usual picks.

Bean & Leaf, 13 Washington Street. A coffee shop where you can enjoy your cup.

I recommend staying at the Radisson Hotel, 35 Governor Winthrop Boulevard


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