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It should not be any surprise that Boston is a great place to visit. There’s a huge sports culture. People love being Bostonian. And they have all the great things any large city should need to offer. One thing really does set them apart: it feels well done. I mean, seriously.

It’s clean. New York is so preoccupied with getting people to throw away trash, they don’t even have recycle bins.
The metro is seamless and useful. Los Angeles is light years behind on metro usefulness, but … it’ll get there.
It’s chic. The brownstone brick feel works for the city. More so than hodgepodge cities like Berlin.
Great food. Goes without saying, but I should say, try Lemon Thai: It’s a nice, not too busy spot, near Porter Square. You can take the subway or the train to that area. Only a few blocks from the quaint shopping district, and likely you’ll have a friend in the area.

I just had an overall enjoyable time in Boston. Everything seemed to go well. I was able to get where I wanted to go easily. And I could see that the train route would take to all the most popular destinations. The suburban area I was staying in felt upscale, even though I would consider it “affordable”. I use the quotes, because as a New Yorker, most everywhere else is less expensive by at least half. So when you do stumble upon the sixth great state of the union. Do yourself a favor, and stick