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Get trashed in Germany.

Hah. Well, in all seriousness… Go to Munich! Where anybody can feel like royalty. Here’s the deal: Munich, with it’s unbelievable smoothly driven subway, is host to two life changing events. The first is just a couple hours outside the city. Take the train to Fussen and visit a little Bavarian town called Schwangau. This town is home to Schloss Neuschwanstein, the beautiful castle that inspired the animated version for Cinderella. You can even take a horse drawn carriage up the hill and soak in the breath taking views. It’s beautiful in all seasons, but make sure you wear a jacket, even in the summer. Now that you’ve spent your morning feeling truly blessed and monarchical, it is time to rebel. Head back into town and find the Hofbrauhaus. (It’s hard to miss). Here is where I learned to drink beer.  And before you say “Beer? eww…” I challenge you to try a Radler. It’s drink comprised of half beer and half lemonade. It would make anyone happy. Oh, yeah. It’s also served in one liter steins. Whether you like the dark, amber, or white beer, you will find yourself having a great time amongst the live Bavarian music, perfect strangers sitting at your table, and questionably terrible food. It is an experience like no other, and can hardly be substituted with the New York replicas. What makes it so much better than New York’s beer gardens? Well, aside from being original, it’s the atmosphere. You enter a beer hall and garden, the size of a city block, with all of the tables packed, and you are allowed to sit wherever you can find room. This makes for some “forced intimacy” that may be unusual for Americans, but everyone else likes the idea of predetermined social interaction.

If you need a break from drinking–and who doesn’t?–head out to Englischer Garten. You aren’t in the park for the paddle boating or nude sunbathing. You’re here to surf!! Munich offers a slightly obstructed canal, which has generated an ever-present wave. It’s a wave that never crashes or falls, much like the wave machines at amusment parks. Except this one is in a park! It’s technically not allowed, but I don’t think the police really seem to mind. The police will harp on you though, if you jaywalk. Yes, jaywalking is the highest crime in Munich. If you walk out of step, even in the bike lane, other vehicles (with or without motors) are allowed to hit you and then send you the bill. So, be careful.

Otherwise! Enjoy. Avoid the Atomic Cafe, unless you love crappy beer and few people, and take in the clock tower show.

I would also like to add that I spelled Neuschwanstein correctly on the first attempt.